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Roby House Alumni Foundation

Our Way to Give Back With the Village

About Us

The Roby House Alumni Foundation (RHAF) was started and is managed by Madison A Better Chance alumni. Madison A Better Chance was started in 1970 to support low-income high performing young men of color from the northeast. With the support of Daniel Hand High School, Madison A Better Chance provides academic support and mentoring with the goal of placing these young men in prestigious schools. A few of note are Cornell University, Tufts University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Our mission

Enrich the lives of Madison A Better Chance scholars with opportunities beyond program graduation through mentorship and scholarships to cultivate their development into future leaders.

Roby House Alumni Foundation believes that access to former scholars and scholarships can harness the power of networking through our associations and beyond. The mentorship, activities and scholarships of the RHAF are not commercial and are for the purpose of providing young scholars with the guidance and financial help needed through college and beyond.

The RHAF was formed as a non-profit corporation in May 2017 and received federal tax-exempt status in April 2018.


Funding Sources


RHAF, Inc is funded through the donations of the management team and board of directors as well as donors. Donations can be made by visiting the donations section of the website. If you have questions about making a donation, please email


We Need Your Support


We encourage and welcome Madison A Better Chance alumni to donate their time, funding or both to help the RHAF achieve its mission. Our goal is to grow within the first few years and lay the groundwork for other A Better Chance programs throughout Connecticut and the northeast to follow.

Donations are appreciated and accepted from any individual or corporation.


Tax Information


RHAF is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible and tax exempt charity approved by the IRS. Donations made to Roby House Alumni Foundation are federally tax-deductible.

RHAF's U.S EIN/TAX ID 82-2718244.


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