est. 2017

Roby House Alumni Foundation

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Current Madison A Better Chance Scholars



Andrew Onubogu is a junior from West Orange, New Jersey.  His robust course load includes AP US History, AP Physics, Honors World Literature, Reality and Unreality, and Chorus. Andrew held a law internship this summer and is committed to being the change he wants to see. He is in the process of launching Phoenix Reborn, a creative writing club to encourage students to express themselves freely, and has joined Encore. He has also been striving to improve his basketball skills and looks forward to proving himself on the team this winter.



Hanley Tapia, a sophomore from Methuen, Massachusetts, has set high goals for his second year at Daniel Hand High School. He intends to focus on his academics and get all As in all honors courses: Honors American Literature, Honors Algebra II, Honors Spanish 4, Honors Chemistry, and Geometry. Math continues to be Hanley’s favorite subject and he is considering joining the Math Club. Trying out for the fencing team is also a possibility. He is especially eager to return to playing volleyball this spring.



Myloh Nunez, a freshman from Lawrence, Massachusetts, is adapting quickly to Madison ABC, finding the community friendly, DHHS easy to navigate, and the fellow residents of Roby House fun to hang out with. A self-proclaimed math and science guy, Myloh hopes to go into mechanical engineering. His current courses are Robotics and Engineering, Algebra I, Biology, and Literature and Writing. He’s enjoying participating on the freshman football team and looks forward to being a member of the basketball and track teams.



Kenny Carter, a freshman from Springfield, Massachusetts, is happy to have joined the Madison ABC program. As a scholar-athlete, he’s excited about DHHS’s strong academics and sports offerings. A building enthusiast who likes figuring out how things fit together, he’s especially interested in Robotics. His other classes include Biology, Algebra I, Literature and Writing, and Spanish 2. Kenny is on the freshman football team this fall and looks forward to playing basketball and lacrosse in the winter and spring terms.