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Roby House Alumni Foundation

Our Way to Give Back With the Village

Presidents Letter

From our President


My name is TJ Naylor and I am a proud graduate of the Madison ABC program from the Class of 1999. In recent conversations with fellow alumni, we identified a need and an opportunity to provide future graduates with ongoing support as they wrap up their time with the Madison ABC program and move on to college. We ultimately realized that WE, the alumni, can provide the solution; thus, the Roby House Alumni Foundation was born. The intent is to inform you about the organization and offer an opportunity to contribute. Contributions can be made via time, money or both.


There’s an old saying: “It takes a village to raise a child.” I can personally attest to that, all our Madison ABC graduates are definitive evidence of this idea put into practice, and it is the essence and spirit that drives the continued success of the program. The work that goes into making Madison ABC a success is a labor of love, and as an alumnus and beneficiary of this love, it is my honor to introduce you to the Roby House Alumni Foundation: Our Way to Give Back With the Village.


The Mission of the Roby House Alumni Foundation is to provide alumni and the community with opportunities to enrich the lives of ABC scholars beyond program graduation through mentorship and scholarships to cultivate their development into future leaders. Through the Foundation, not only will we provide financial support to help scholars transition to the next chapter of their education, but we will also provide them with a network of their alumni brethren whose goal is to provide them with guidance we wish we had when first going off to college. We will also make ourselves available as advisors to their parents.


Providing scholarship opportunities is the Foundation’s primary objective. We will present the first scholarship award this coming June. The objectives of the mentorship program will be further defined during 2018 as we determine what opportunities our network can provide graduating seniors. But at this time, we wish to at least communicate that we, the alumni, are making ourselves available to provide guidance to our younger brothers as they move on to college.


TJ Naylor


Roby House Alumni Foundation