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Roby House Alumni Foundation Scholar Awards - 2019

College Bound Award
Awarded to a high school senior who has shown exceptional and steadfast determination to achieve. The recipient demonstrates successes through perseverance toward personal objectives, in spite of obstacles that might have impeded his progress. The recipient receives a gift of up to $2,000.
RHAF Excellence Award
An annual award for high school Scholars in grades 9-12 who demonstrate leadership within the Madison A Better Chance Roby House. RHAF Award winners have set a positive example for their fellow housemates, not only as vocal house leader, but also through their positive actions when leading by example. RHAF award winners must be nominated for this award by a Madison ABC Resident Staff member. The RHAF Award Committee will work with Madison A Better Chance Staff annually, in partnership, to select recipients. Each award winner receives a gift of up to  $1,000.
Alumni Achievement Award
 Awarded to a Madison A Better Chance alumni currently attending a four year college or university. The award recipient must demonstrate academic excellence, demonstrated academic distinction and has shown evidence of contributions to his school and/or home community. This award carries with it a gift of up to $1,000.
Rising Star Award
An annual award for high school scholars in grades 9-11 who demonstrate academic excellence as well as leadership within the Daniel Hand High School community. Each award winner receives a gift up to $350.

RHAF Awards Application


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